Dating vintage helbros watches

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The name actually comes from its founders, the Helbein Brothers.They were middle class Swiss German watchmakers who set out with one primary goal…that goal being to design and manufacture a quality timepiece that could be made affordable to the working public.

The watch company seems to have flagged after his death, and was effectively closed by the early 1970s.

Helbein was the first chair of the American Watch Assemblers Association, and was a Director of the American Watch Association.

When he died at the age of 70 in his home in Park Lane, he left a successful company.

The brothers’ nationality is usually given as Swiss-German.

This is contradicted by contemporaneous reports, William Helbein, who managed the company and is named on an early trademark registration, was born in Russia, now Ukraine in 1889, and later became an American citizen in 1916. William was educated in Russia, the Netherlands and Belgium and his father was a diamond dealer.

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