Dating violence charts

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Among teens aged 15-19, suicide rates have doubled for females and increased 31% for males..

The unfortunate reality is that teens can either be a victim or perpetrator of abuse.

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Today’s adolescents are exposed to relationship violence at high rates When it comes to reporting violence, physical or sexual abuse in a dating relationship is much easier to recognize than emotional violence or mental abuse.Risky behaviors such as underage drinking, substance use/abuse, early onset of sexual activity, and disordered eating are contributing factors for teens resulting to or becoming a victim of violence.Such factors can negatively impact teen physical and psychological development.In addition to risky behaviors, there can be “near-term”, long term, and irreversible consequences associated with teen dating violence.In near-term consequences, teens are susceptible to “reduced mental health, post-traumatic stress, lower self-esteem, decline in school achievement, increases in eating disorders and substance abuse”.

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