Dating women in indiana prison

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The feeling every time Mail was called and hoping and praying someone wrote..your name isn't called thing I had to get over in the years since I went was knowing why I was there and coming to terms with it being all my fault. Not saying the justice system was perfect but that judge is my savior!It's very sad, but it's nice to be able to volunteer and help!See More Female Prisoners ATTENTION: This Female Prisoner is NOT interested in contact from other Inmates.

Whether it be parents, or schools, or doctors, or life itself. I never once had an actual intelligent conversation in there. That in turn got me in a fight but I'll talk about that later. I never had a problem with any of the guards, I did make fun of the dude in the lunch room because he had the Mario mustache so I sung the theme song as I walked out the door and got reprimanded for it and had to apologize.But, follow the rules and life will be alot easier. She was being released..they were happy..were alive and breathing... I had a partner who helped me out and made me feel like a human again. The one thing that hurts the most is I was so far from family they couldn't come see me.I was only in for 3 months and when I was released we went to walmart the next day. She worked at the library and she would hook me up with magazines and food. I felt bad letting her get attached and I left not even sending her a single letter. They only wrote two letters the whole time I was there.I was convicted of 7 counts of theft, a class D felony. My grandparents were caretakers of a large cemetery here in Indiana. and I will be honest with you, no sugar coating here, you my as know what to expect. Angie Hello, I happened to find this page when my husband and I did research about the prison. and I had some choice words for one of the female guards and I guess (because I don't remember much) instead of hitting her I spit on her.I don't know if my story is of use to anyone but I feel the need reach out to those who have questions. I have always felt ashamed and told no one about it. They lived on the cemetery gounds, so I know all about the death industry, how it works. Later about 7 months later I was arrested and charged with 7 counts of theft. I am mad, hurt, glad, and disappointed after all we have been thru together. I was sentenced on March 3, my birthday was march 5. I served 8 do 4 months in Rockville for spitting on a guard in county jail. The judge was new so to make a name for himself and an example out of me he sent me to do time in DOC. I've been there 3 times for fighting but to go to prison was scary.

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