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Sandra tidak keberatan dengan aksi sang dokter bedah itu.

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To that end you will need the following; * breath mints * hanky * small needle and thread kit * a few safety pins * extra hoisery * lipstick and compact mirror 4.

Reception If you are planning to change your outfit for the reception, make sure you have; * Going-away outfit * Going -away shoes and hosiery * Undergarments * Accessories (jewelry, etc) And if you are departing for your honeymoon right after your reception; * Honeymoon suitcases should be placed in the get-away car along with your wedding night bag. Ceremony Most common items for a ceremony are; * Ring pillow * Flower basket ( if not being delivered by your florist) * Bible * Unity Candles * Bridal Bouquet However, the list can dramatically change depending on religion, ethnicity, type of ceremony etc.

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