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Also, both Bridget’s mother and the love-rat Daniel Cleaver thrive in this third book, as vivid as ever.

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And detail has always been where Bridget, and her creator, have excelled.

Alcohol units: 0 (v.g.) Medication: Disprin 4, Vitamin C tablet, 1. There is no doubt that Helen Fielding is a comic genius.

Although the spectacular success of the first book, (1996; number of copies sold: 15 million) would be hard to top.

Despite the various explanations offered by reviewers for this lacklustre performance, the simplest one is probably the most accurate: at almost 400 pages, the book is just too long.

Sadly, all those lists, once the hallmark of Bridget’s wit, now look like padding. Lovable Bridget, who was at her funniest and her sharpest in the short newspaper columns in which she was born, has been stretched several comic set-pieces too thin.

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