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Many other school boards, alarmed by the prevalence in their communities of adolescent prt^mancy and sexually transmitted diseases, are considering such plans. While numerous legal issues might be of concern in specific communities, several issues fr^uentfy concern school boards and commimity advocates. Yet, at this writing, six major metropolitan areas make condoms available on a school- or district-wide basis. If legal obstacles exist, it will be necessary to modify the approach or seek changes in the law.It examines behaviors and risks of sexually active adolescents, presents strategies for risk reduction, and discusses condom availability and use. The Center for Population Options* (CPO) goal is to describe in lay terms the range of legal concerns that have been raised with regard to condom availability in schools.Chapter Two discusses how to design a proposal, develop an action plan, and handle community reactions and media coverage. Any school or community group considering condom availability in the school setting should work closely with an attorney.Chapter Nine provides information on relevant organizations, books and reports, and articles. To meet any concerns about its authority to conduct a condom availability program, a school board should adopt policy that, at mini Tnum * ^ makes clear reference to the purpose for which it is adopted ♦ incorporates a series of findings and.

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In fact no legal challenge to date has blocked implementation of a (xndom availability program. -d u o Id 0 _^ C ^ TJ tro • ••-I VI V) I VI «) ^ T3 O •H 1 Ob VI 4J 4J 3 c o Id a-d •H C u Id •H B O o o I Id ^5 Id o fj O - * Wl • •H -H ••j C 'J •H i3 • Id *J M O ^ -5 5 « a u o id-H^ « Oi d « 4J -H i3 n C 4J 4J O • N c"5. r- C N M TJ x: «J O U o c H S • a ■ a o c y -q *j c •H - c o c o - g ' H u ft Vl ^ o o 4i j:; c a 4J S » O O VI ^ o „ o x: # ir*f au a*^- a ^-o* Id a a , 2 o c • *i 4J TJ Id ^ Id c •H S £ c a o c u C 0 •H -W i3 ! c x: m « 4* 4J ^ c « « O-H • 4i « « li « 3 M « O O « Expanded HIV/AIDS Education Program Including Condom Availability MONTHLY ENCOUKTER REPORT Month : Name of School Health Resource Volunteer: _ Sex: M F Title: Summary Statistics KKLES FEMALES TOTAL NUMBER OP STUDENT ENCOUNTERS Number of encounters for condoms, only Number of encounters for information or counseling, only Number of encounters for condoms and information or counseling How many encounters occurred this month: a. On this or any other issue, an Inventive attorney can usually find a plausible legal claim for a willing client. t VI 0*3 CJ H ^ V w o il "2 o 5 ^ u ^ "•a a 9 8^ 5 t J Id -I ^ VI U Id N M u Id « . CI O ^§ •a O M 1 - 4i JO o o o 3 c o M M M s I ERIC 8 O s a s 4J U O C O « • m 5 Li • C • S Sop 5-H c vi • R • • • p g « « • O ,^5 s • O 4J - • • • • o • o • • u . Threats of court action are Qknetimes used to intimidate school ofi Scials into abandoning or not even considering a plan to make condoms available. SCHOOI^BASED HEALIH CENTERS/HEALIH CARE SERVICE DELIVERY 141 A. The Guide for Condom Ai Kdlabt Uty Programs helps ofilcials and community organizations gain public support for school-based condom availability by providing information on why such a program is important x^ in d V t9 TJ f) «i ir-H i« 4» n q * d Jl• B XI rt ^ Q 4J -I M d B « f». O H d t^* d «i «tf • •fl N H tl 3 fl p d P V O M « :ii X! M « fl -I fl H u m o a o c M o o» I 8 *^ 2 •d 4J •3 ° J! What was the most valuable portion of the workshop? What was the least valuable portion of the workshop? Do you have suggestions for how the training could be improved? £ « C ^ M M mo • T3 0 0 m-^ o m ^ a u m Otu o o m um^ . unknown Total Number of Encounters During this month, what types of information or assistance were requested by students? The risk of bad publicity and the financial and human resources required to defend against any legal challenge should not be taken lightly. However, no policy, educational or otherwise, ever has ^ 100 percent of the public's support. D.l Sample Parental Consent Form LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT HIV/AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAM PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM Dear Parent o » • o _ • 41 -H « o « « c xs o 41 XJ • O ^ ^ C C • 41 «2 •H C-H « u « • • £ • ^ • ^ H 9 o O 4i ^ £ « II m ^ m mum s X 8 i S 3 u m m 4i u c « 3 O ^ u c c m m n o u u « • m U %4 o o 4i 3 3 4i U O 4i 0 9. This hesitancy is understandable because schools need to maintain the goodwill of the communities they serve.

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