Decision making healthy social dating relationships

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There’s a neurochemical reaction in the brain that makes the first few encounters with a girl feel like she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Acknowledge that she makes you feel good, but ask yourself if that feeling could continue after the honeymoon phase?

Remember, in the first month, you’re only seeing the best side of her.

They sometimes feel like they have to stop courting their girlfriend since the agreement to date has been made. Getting a girl attracted, is a lot different than keeping her happy with you in the long term.

Remember, guys are constantly hitting on her, and she’s consistently faced with other options.

It’s a lot different than a teenage relationship where all you do is make out under the bleachers.

The older we get, the more complex our emotions get.

Bringing baggage into a relationship is pretty toxic, and that applies for both you and the chick your dating.

People that get into relationships too fast, or for the wrong reasons, usually don’t end up doing so well.

Sometimes you might fight with your girlfriend over nothing, and sometimes it’s something more serious like a trust issue.Initiating dating and romantic relationships is a unique and meaningful experience for an adolescent.This developmental milestone is also important for the development of the skills needed to maintain healthy adult relationships.Don’t let it stress you out, but you should always aim to be the best guy in her life.Keep up the spontaneity, remind her that you value her, and listen to her when she’s going through something.

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