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An USPS tracking number was also provided on the e Bay “Order details” page so that the shipment could also be followed via the USPS site, although only while the package was still inside USA. this information has obviously been incorrectly transferred from my e Bay order to the shipping company.

From Erlanger, KY, the package would be “Shipped from Shipping Center to International Destination” but any information about what carrier would handle the international shipment and also without any usable tracking number. Since I now knew both the carrier (not DHL, not UPS, not Fed Ex, but GLS) and since I also now knew the GLS waybill number I could simply call GLS customer support and have things fixed.

Because of this I haven't been able to verify if e Bay are still using the same somewhat "concealed" way of providing the Track-and-Trace information; sorry.

What I however suggest is that you (= slowly and thoroughly!

To use our services you simply need to activate the CRM mailing feature of the site from the home page of Parcel Monitor. Do you have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates?

* Successfully tracking e Bay international shipment with UPAAA tracking number I am posting this here since other forum members (and/or people not being members, but finding this post via Google) may find the below information useful. I am living in Denmark and the item was to be shipped via e Bay's International Global Shipping Program.

This financial advantage was essential to me, since it would have been totally uneconomic for me to incur the costs of international shipment and 20% VAT on arrival in the United Kingdom.

Never previously having had any dealings with international shipment in general and the GSP in particular, I conducted extensive research into its operation.

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This mail included a tracking number of the form UPAAA (followed by 13 digits). Now (in my case) I landed on the GLS tracking page where the full information was seen, incl.

the first response ever to this thread, which (at the present time) has been read approx.

62.000 times, but yet so far with no other feedback at all...

The UPAAA tracking-number was a link that would take me to an e Bay site; “Order details” showing the tracking history for the shipment. the waybill number, the delivery name and address, the contact e-mail and phone number of the recipient (= me) etc.

There I was able to see that the package was first sent from the seller (in New York) to the e Bay international shipment center (I guess) in Erlanger, KY ("KY" = the state Kentucky, in USA). In my case, I discovered errors in both the delivery address and the e-mail address…

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