Did matthew lewis dating evanna lynch

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19, and in what fans of the show are calling one of the biggest robberies in the show's history, country music radio personality Bobby Bones won over Disney Channel star Milo Manheim, model Alexis Ren, is bound to get every Potter fanatic feeling nostalgic as hell. I don't know where those dancing skills came from, but you are unbelievable. Fred Weasley, aka James Phelps, said in his video (during which he appears to be in some kind of sports club?

Evanna Lynch and her partner, Keo Motsepe, were a fan favorite to win the mirror ball trophy on the show's finale on Nov. Between her and Motsepe's waltz to the theme music earlier in the season to her final performance in the freestyle portion of the competition on Monday night, Lynch proved she was having the time of her life dancing on the show. We are so proud of you, we love you, we are rooting for you, kill it tonight, girl! "Evanna, my darling," he said, "despite all of our differences at Hogwarts, I want to wish you all the very best tonight. Ginny Weasley, aka Bonnie Wright, came in next with her words of support.

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Bring it home."And just to really seal the deal on my tears, J. Freaking Rowling appeared at the end of the video to say, "Best of luck, Evanna!

Despite the fact that JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe is first and foremost designed for kids, there were plenty of relationships going on in the magical world.

Hammerstein owns a series of erotic nightclubs and cabarets in Manhattan and has attracted his fair share of controversy over the years.

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The couple have spent nearly a decade keeping their relationship away from the limelight but were recently spotted together at the Dinard Film Festival in September this year.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.Harry and Cho Chang’s short-lived romance experienced three books’ worth of build-up whilst Ron finally acted on his feelings for Hermione after years of resentment towards her ex-boyfriends (particularly Viktor Krum).But what about the actors who portrayed Harry and co in the film series?

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