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Melissa responded to the incriminating shots of her con-turned-model husband with a series of pointed Instagram snaps.

She also posted the message: “Real eyes realise real lies.” Melissa also made it known her husband had cheated on her just days before her birthday.

Never having driven it, I can’t say how many for sure, but just looking at it online was enough for me to experience an attack of two-dimensional vertigo.

In the fast-growing SUV sector, manufacturers need an extreme USP to make a real splash.


At least, not compared to, say, the Audis, Mercs or Jaguar Land Rovers of this world.

For the next few weeks, months, years, whatever, we’re all going to have to hold hands, close our eyes and imagine Mr and Mrs Musk Senior never met and little Elon was never born, otherwise what’s the point?

My usual, initial signature Alfa reaction, the one which is always accompanied by a slightly sick feeling and the first droplets of a medium-to full-on cold sweat.

She later slammed the convict-turned-model Meeks as he was once again pictured with Chloe at a swanky jewellery shop in Beverly Hills.

You don’t even get leather seats unless you spend at least £3k on extras.

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