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He began eating her out, rocking Maya with the first of many screaming orgasms to come in that night.After five minutes or so of incredible cunnilingus, Jacques flipped her over in doggy style, and in that short silence, Maya realised the sounds from the other room had stopped.It had been almost 20 years since Maya had another cock down her pussy. Jacques gasped and groaned, watching as his aunt's boobs flopped out of her bra, two tanned orbs of delicious fuck-flesh.The feelings were made even worse by the fact that her nephew had bulked up at the gym over the past few years, and his voice at times was dripping with a subtle sexual charisma. He rolled her over onto the bed, getting up and ripping off his nightwear, and then straddling her again.Maya decided to just stand and watch, peeking out from behind the curtains.Meanwhile, Jacques had finally woken up, and worried about the absence of his aunt, rushed to the balcony.While Jacques pounded away in her, Maya thought of the logistics. Maya's curiosity was interrupted by the invasion of a cock down her throat.

Jacques took his cock out of his night-pants, creeping next to her to see what had caught her attention so vividly.After some careful calculations, Maya jumped the divider between the rooms' balconies and looked inside.The sight she was met with was shocking, yet immediately erotic.Despite their 20-year age gap, Maya still felt rejuvenated and alive as she furiously made out with her nephew.As he roughly grabbed and pinched at her nipples and breasts, Maya let out the first of her moans, soon followed by more as her nephew tore off her thong with his teeth.

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