Dynamic lookup cache not updating

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UPDATE Let's assume I don't have access to the server, and can't restart it? Visit Stack Exchange We use windows server 2003 for DNS on our network.However our office dns cache is still showing the old name.Yesterday I set the TTL down to 10 minutes, so I don't have to wait long.

1a) Even if these are enabled, you might need to make sure the DHCP server has permissions to update DNS records.If they are in the forward zone but not the reverse, then something else is going on...3) If the issue is that your reverse zones are mismatched between domain controllers (meaning a host was able to register with one of the DCs, but the registration did not get replicated to the others) it could mean the zones themselves aren't replicating between domain controllers.In this case, 120 is getting updated correctly in the target table but not the dynamic cache.Still the dynamic lookup cache is only stores 100 and not 120. Is there any workaround for this to mae the cache updated?

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