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Although Germany is one of the countries with the tallest girls in the world and with a high percentage of natural blondes and blue-eyed women, not all of them look like this.I’ve met so many girls from Germany during my trip that were opposite from this international beauty ideal but still looked cute and sexy.

Since I was among experienced employees, they’ve decided that I should go there for a couple of weeks to help our new German colleagues and make their first days at the new job easier.If you want to find out more about German girls and how to date them, please read on.Trust me; you’re going to get laid much easier than you’ve expected, maybe even fall in love and start a relationship.Their honesty and straightforwardness can be borderline impolite for many guys. If a German girl doesn’t like your company and tells you that, move forward and don’t try to change her mind. At least you don’t have to try hard but get nothing in return.When I’ve arrived in Germany, the first couple of time I’ve flirted with German girls I was a typical guy- lots of compliments, basic topics, etc.

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