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Are you interested in trying out some of the top icebreaker activities?These top-10 activities have proven popular in meetings, training classes, and team building events.When you meet them I can almost guarantee that 95% of the time they are much worse than what you expected from talking to them online. Inside our head we fill out the blank spaces about how this person will walk, talk, dress, their personality, voice etc. You know those horrible ones where, perhaps, you meet them online and they seem great BUT when you actually meet them in person they are just not what you expected and you have to be ‘polite’ and continue the date for another 2-3 hours?

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In some instances “speed mentoring” is a discrete event.If you can overcome this fear then this is one of the better ways of meeting someone.The negatives from this is that it can also be equally awkward for the person who you want to speak to and you have no idea if they are married, in a relationship, open to a relationship etc.. Your friend believes you might make a good match with someone they know and there is a good chance they are right. The only problem with this strategy is that you may not have any friends who know someone to set you up with.Use these sample icebreakers to build strong, effective teams of employees.Instructions and suggestions for how to make the most of these icebreaker activities are included with each icebreaker.

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