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For six months after college, I worked events at an art museum.One summer evening, the museum unveiled a new outdoor installation, and my job was to guard the entrance to a VIP platform that had been set up in the middle of the street.The people on the platform got to stand on the platform. It was an implicit rejection, yes, because I didn’t know Tinder Select was a thing, but still.The first elite dating app to reject me was Beautiful People.com, which reached peak popularity in 2010.And you don’t sign up for Raya if you don’t want to meet people who care about being elite and exclusive. You can either have a sweaty sexy hoedown in steerage with Leonardo Di Caprio, or you can have a sherry and a terrible boring time in first class with Billy Zane.

You had to “audition” by submitting a photo, and the site gave you a 24-hour probation period."If people on the site let themselves go, then we need to let them go, our members demand as much." He said that the cull was a "necessary evil".He said: "Removing members for letting themselves go is the most difficult part of the business, it may seem harsh but it is a necessary evil.Several patrons of the arts tried to bribe their way up there, even though the platform was sweaty and sagging from overcrowding. After a while, the platform VIPs had drained their drinks, but nobody wanted to give up their space on the platform to travel to the bar.The moral of the story is that the people who were turned away from the platform got hammered and had an amazing night. Tinder Select is a secretive, invite-only —see what I did there? Tinder Select is also the latest elite dating app to reject me.

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