Filipina dating gerldine

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She said in an interview that once the SOGIE Equality Bill passes the House of Representatives, she will file a civil union bill and push for its enactment.

Roman attended the Ateneo de Manila University for her elementary and high school studies.Roman expressed her support for a federal form of government in the Philippines, but stated that she will introduce a clause that aims to guarantee the country's territorial integrity as she perceives that a federal system without such clause will lead to separatism due to the country's various ethnic groups, geographies, and regionalism.She cited the Spanish federal system as a possible reference for the Philippines' federal prospects.She supports same-sex civil unions for the Philippines, but said the first priority should be an anti-discrimination law, followed by a revision of the family code.She believes that at the present time, a marriage equality bill will not pass in Congress, due to the present status quo, which is why campaigning for it should be a top priority in the coming decades.

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