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The philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek subscribes to similar ideas about arranged marriages, referring to them as a "pre-modern procedure." When it comes to the view of arranged marriage in the West, Badiou and Žižek offer relatively genteel criticisms.

Popular and learned representations of the practice almost always associate it with honor killings, acid attacks, and child marriages.

[They try] to go back to arranged marriages," writes Badiou.

Any answer must take into account that there are different arranged-marriage practices, and that what people experience as "true love" varies across different cultures.

It is important to emphasize the difference between arranged marriages — which respect consent of prospective spouses — and forced marriages, where such consent is absent.

History has repeatedly shown us that imagining a group of people as unloving beings serves as a prerequisite to mistreating them.

While it is necessary for us to condemn violent and coercive social practices such as forced marriages, we must not malign an entire culture as the loveless "other." What would that say about the quality of our love?

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