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They moved in together—temporarily leaving their spouses behind—and devoted all their time to launching their company, Curebit, which makes software that lets businesses offer discounts to customers who recommend their products on Facebook.

It is no wonder that Curebit's story sounds like a kind of strange romance.

With Co Founders Lab and Founder Dating combined efforts allow entrepreneurs to access the resources they need from team matching algorithms, ranging from community discussion boards and a variety of certificate courses around how to create and scale businesses.

Founder Dating’s community will be combined under the Co Founders Lab brand to create the ultimate platform where company creation and growth is fortified.

The company's creators met through Founder Dating, an event in San Francisco and Seattle that is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs meet potential co-founders and hone their business ideas.





Co Founders Lab also recently launched Co Founders Lab Learning Center to educate entrepreneurs on everything from launching a business to raising capital, an effort to expand its one-stop-shop experience.

Participants, who typically pay from to each, present 60-second pitches in hopes of recruiting a start-up team.

The attendees vote for their favorites and then break into teams to help the entrepreneurs with the top business ideas.

Over the course of the weekend, the groups refine business models, create mockups, and often launch actual businesses.

Since 2009, Startup Weekend events, which are held in 120 cities worldwide, have spawned more than 180 companies.

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