Foxcat dating

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In other words, today was just going to be full of—"Ranma! Almost reminded him of his training missions ..least those that hadn't ended in Phoenix people, hybrid dragon princes, Amazons, curses… Yep, definitely a great day to be a martial artist."That's the rest of my team." Naruto broke Ranma's introspection without even looking back at him."The thirteen year old pigtailed boy stopped short and twisted around to find a familiar blond ninja stepping out of a side street. " The Genin picked up his pace and covered the remaining few feet to his new friend. ""Headin' out to meet ol' Cyclops." Ranma smiled at Naruto, whose face immediately took on a puzzled countenance with the statement. The pigtailed boy banished the thoughts as he followed his blond counterpart into a clearing. No fiancées, no rivals, no parents, no arranged marriages, no manly obligations… Ranma's eyes focused on the pink haired girl and black haired boy at the other end of the field.Obviously it wasn't locked, as the water based trigger still worked as advertised, but now he seemed to shift at random. So far the shifting didn't appear to be nearly as common as the water attractant element of his curse, and if could predict the shifting with some degree of accuracy, could even make allowances for it in ways he never could with the water trigger. Today, he began lessons, starting with the one eyed ninja. " The blond's curious expression turned into a feral grin. "Ranma shrugged and the food cart fell behind the pair as they turned off the main road and on to a backstreet that led into a forest trail away from town.

Her real parents disappeared when she was a few years old, and she still doesn't know anything about them.

Hair Colour: Dark Gray Hair Style: Has bangs that sweep over to her right eye.

Fur Colour: Light gray Eye colour: Light blue Relatives: Friends: Arrow the Hedgehog (Formerly), Ariel the Hedgehog, Ashlynn "Lyn" the Cat, Autumn the Fox Love Interest: Alan the Hedgehog (Boyfriend), Arrow the Hedgehog (Small crush) Neutral: Rivals: Enemies: Arrow the Hedgehog, Ana the Rabbit Sylvia and Alan are dating/ just hanging out in school.

Twenty four hours ago he had been subjected to the one of the most intensely painful experiences in his life, which said a lot considering his life on average.

That entailed the sealing of an elemental Raiju spirit, one that was not very happy about being sealed to begin with. Ranma shook his head at the thought as he passed another line of street vendors just opening for the morning.

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