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In the articles that appear within this text, gender is delineated as a socially constructed system of classification that hinges on the binary categories of masculinity and femininity.

As a result, certain behaviors, expectations, and subjectivities are attributed to that which is deemed masculine and that which is categorized as feminine.

Conversely, “the media” has been criticized as politically liberal (or conservative), pornographic, superficial, and ultimately too influential in the daily lives of children and young adults.

While this work examines mass media as a social institution and diverse media texts produced from within cultural industries, its focus is on .She has published work on tattoo art, body modification, and academic life in journals such as edited with Lisa Jean Moore, investigates embodied practices, regimes, and representations.She is currently working on a manuscript on the recent trend of urban beekeeping that explores how bees traffic within cultural, economic, and political systems, and interspecies relationships between insects and humans. is commonly employed both inside and outside the academy as a cultural and technological catchall.For example, media content can provide knowledge of a financial crisis, and access to types of media determine how (or if) we may participate in the postindustrial global labor force.Yet, media content also shapes our self-identity and, in turn, our gender identity.

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