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The lotion tub is very sticky and slimy and dissolves clothing, so be careful with your attire before entering! A tub full of thick, creamy semen mixed with slimey, clear femjuices!

The honey tub is very special-- the aroma of the sweet liquid induces intense arousal and lust, kicking almost anyone into immediate heat. Hostility and generally douchy behaviour will be met with a warning and eventually a kick.

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We're a friendly group of mostly younger furs but quite accepting to anyone who wants to join us. We are international, and although activity might not be the highest, it is consistent across large portions of the day and sometimes evening (American Times). Wolfy's World is a small and eager to grow furry discord server with channels for Art (SFW and NSFW), Roleplay (SFW and NSFW), Gaming Content, Film Chatter, Memes, Social/Emotional Support, and more!

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Mom with son, son with mom, dad with daughter, sister and brothers sex, this is what we called as incest meaning.

Channels for all your needs and fun people to talk with!However, to join our community there are a few things you need to be aware of! We have many rooms available for your needs, including four large tubs in the center of the room containing Wine, Lotion, Cum (Both femcum and semen) and Honey respectively! We have events, custom emojis, fun bots, a dedicated MC server and more! We are a growing free speech server for furries and non-furs alike to hang out in a friendly enviroment and discuss what comes to mind!

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