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I licked her musky pussy but frankly, it wasn't easy because of the weird angle I had to assume from the driver seat. " "Well, just in case we are going to have sex." "No no.. " What a letdown.I drove out of the petrol station anyway and we went to Lavender's Hotel81.

I told her that car is really cramped for such things, and to my surprise, she said "Ok, let's go hotel then."Yeahhh!!! Along the drive, I guess she cooled down abit from the passion because when I turned into the Esso petrol station at Tanjong Rhu, she asked me what I was doing. When I parked the car and was exiting, I remembered I still have 1 last piece of condom in the driver's door side pocket. She was so afraid of being seen, she waited outside while I check in. I told her I needed to bath first because I really stink from the whole day's of work, and she turned on the tv while I deliberately stripped down in front of her and went to the bathroom.

I whispered into her ears "Can I feel your breasts? She was abit shocked at that also, and I told her if she would roll up her jeans to her knees. "To my surprise, she unzipped her jeans and opened it.."Please, lick me!

I ran my tongue around her kneecap and she was moaning immediately. " I knew she was now so aroused she wanted everything.

I met Ling on the chatrooms last time when it was still popular. Used to chat about normal mundane stuff, never really cared if she was a 'real girl' or some guy pretending to be one, until one day she said something like 'I hate my breasts, they are too big'I was abit cautious and asked 'why? She said she loves getting whole body massages and she enjoys getting her pussy licked.

I can't do all kinds of sports with them"This piqued my interest, so I started veering my conversations towards a sexual slant with her, slowly probing more about her.

She tried laying face down on the seat but she had problems finding a comfortable position.

Her ass was big and round and stetching her jeans skintight. "I think its easier if you massage me while I'm seated." She turned and face her back towards me.

I hugged her from behind, my arms went around her waist just below her huge boobs. I told her that girls have many sensitive areas which are easily aroused if touched correctly, and I would like to find it out for her.

She was abit shocked at my move, but after a couple of seconds she relaxed and leaned her weight into me. She set the seat back to normal position and said "OK, but don't think I will let you touch my private parts." I promised not to, and I took her palm out and gently kissed and licked her wrists and palm..she reacted to it!

I helped her dry her body and she got out of the bathroom first..

I dried myself up and came out of the bathroom, she was seated naked on the bed. She just smiled and said "Up to you lor." So I took it that she wants it.

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