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He seemed to be more receptive to your humour, there was more of a back-and-forth compared to some of your other dates. I like that about the show, I’m not expecting anything from my dates, I don’t need a ground-breaking interview where they say something really insightful; I can interview 67 and they can just murmur something and it will still be funny.

It kind of works with all dynamics, the only one I don’t think it worked with was Logan Sama.

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Then I started posting the links to my Facebook and people would really like them, and I started getting attention from other people as well.It's built up something of a cult following, with fans flocking to the channel to watch the poker-faced presenter settle down for food and a flirt with some of the brightest names in UK grime and rap.From the time she “literally shut down Chicken Cottage” on a date with rapper Ghetts, (she’s still banned by the way), to her attempts to woo J Hus with his favourite drink (Fanta – no ice), when I caught up with Amelia, her real-life excitement for the series was a far cry from her cold on-screen persona.I did the first one with a friend of mine called Its Nate and we went to a chicken shop in Dalston which has now disappeared.But it was literally so small there were only two seats in the restaurant.

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