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There’s a GNOME Shell extension that keeps the forecast even more accessible by placing an icon in the panel at the top of your screen.

Clicking that icon shows the forecast for today and tomorrow, along with added details such as humidity and wind speed.

The default source is Open Weather Map, but you can change it to Dark Sky. If you're not using the erstwhile K Desktop Environment on your Linux PC, now is the time to change!

Download: Open Weather (Free)Here’s an option exclusive to KDE Plasma users What does Linux look like? KDE’s weather widget will let you know the day’s highest and lowest temperatures.

You can search for and save multiple locations inside the app.

To check the weather from the GNOME’s activities overview later on, you search for the name of a location to see the current forecast.

Try to ask your questions in the right sub-forum with as much details as you can gather.

The panel settings were carried through from the previous session and the applet appeared along with all the other icons. There must have been some recent update which clobbered the gnome applet and somehow removed it from the system and that may have been backported to Mageia 2.

Plenty of GNOME weather icons but nothing else remains.

The Zope Weather applet allows you to access weather information as served by the NOAA ( directly from withing Zope scripting or templating languages.

By default it looks similar to the Gnome Weather Applet.

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