Guaymas dating

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Recognition that magmatism is not confined to the spreading axis, but instead is distributed throughout Guaymas Basin, suggests that models for the natural sequestration of carbon, the formation of oceanic crust, and life in the subsurface in marginal rift basins should be reconsidered as this has implications for the long-term removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide (and hence potential climatic implications).

The Principal Investigator of this RAPID proposal is a lead proponent on an International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) proposal to study this system in depth through scientific ocean drilling.

Gravity coring and microbial community analysis will target cold non-hydrothermal sediments as well as off-axis hydrothermally-influenced sediments.

The gravity coring campaign and the geochemistry/microbiology studies are coordinated with heatflow measurements and extensive 2D seismic analysis and high-resolution 3D seismic mapping by other planned Mexican and German cruises.

The sediment cores were recovered during the RV El Puma cruise in October 2014.Radiocarbon dating was performed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, and a reservoir age of 406 years was used before conversion to calendar years using CALIB REV7.1.0. Data notes: The sedimentation Rate (Sed_Rate) is based on using the youngest and oldest samples to obtain an average for the dated part of the core.** = outlier BCO-DMO Processing: - copied values from merged cells into each row; - modified column headers (replaced spaces with underscores, renamed standard deviation columns for clarity); - separated original C14_age column into two: one for the value and one for the stdev.Sedimentation rates were not inferred from cores P5 and P6 due to distortions by slumping.Measurements were made on bulk sediment without authigenic carbonate phases, and thus the majority of carbon in the samples is organic carbon produced by primary producers.

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