Guys not worth dating

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It’s easy to fall into a pattern of dating as a means to an end, the end being getting married and living happily ever after — that is, until you realize that most guys are barely even deserving of the time it takes to meet them for a coffee date.

If he isn’t holding your interest from the get-go, there’s no point in keeping him around just to be ghosted later by someone you didn’t even really like that much.

Being single sounds a lot more appealing than that, thanks. The kinds of guys who make dating a nightmare for everyone are the ones who play games and expect to get something when they’ve done nothing to earn it.

(Practically everyone has.) • Tinder is fast to set up and use.

” So here’s your answer to that inevitable sub-question: Some people use Tinder to hook up. Women have slowly received more and more support for the feminist movement in the past century. Men are no longer the “aggressors” they used to be when beginning a relationship. But just because we know we can, doesn’t mean we want to. While it’s easy to blame men (very easy), are women also at fault? Yes, it’s acceptable now for women to approach men, be aggressive, ask them out on dates.Luckily, marriage isn’t exactly the non-negotiable life goal it used to be.You have absolutely no reason to settle for a guy that doesn’t deserve you, and if you can’t even find a guy who you genuinely want to make the effort to go on dates with, you’re certainly not going to consider getting married any time soon. You aren’t exactly sitting around all day pining after the dream of having a boyfriend.

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