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So, I want my kids to have fun with their friends, but I want it more than for today.I want it to be a part of learning an ability that they are going to need for the rest of their lives. If you believe that you’re a responsible and loving person, it’s easy to assume that other people think like you.A boundary conversation is very difficult because it feels unnatural – and it is unnatural, in that the natural person within us does not think this way.On our own, we seek to protect ourselves from discomfort. It was a holiday weekend, and I was at a celebration that included a memorial “paddle out” on surfboards in the Pacific Ocean to honor and remember my brother-in-law, Mark.

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Use the following three key steps to help begin the process with your kids: Step 1: Acknowledge that your child is not perfect. One of the coolest things we ever see is children playing together, having fun and laughing with joy.

He was a Navy SEAL, a great American, husband, father, hero, brother, and a friend. My daughter, Olivia, was 10 at the time, and she wanted to participate in the paddle-out to honor her uncle.

So, we borrowed a surfboard and began to walk out to the beach where the surfers were gathering, with me carrying the board.

It was an unfamiliar sensation, but a pleasant one.

Her mind wandered back to the events of the morning. However, if you don’t choose to go to school, you are choosing to stay in your room all day with no TV.

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