Heterosexual dating website

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Grindr Straight Grindr – Just as clear as its name shows, it works like the straight version of Grindr.

With a huge database of casual daters, you can easily find someone to hookup with through this site.

The data also show that between 1995 to 2017, meeting through friends saw the largest decline, from 33% of couples at the start of the period to just 20% at the end.“It used to be that finding a partner is something one did with their community,” says Thomas.

“Now it is basically an individual quest.” This has also created a billion-plus industry to help people on that quest (paywall).

He and fellow researchers present several other notable findings about the rise in online dating.

These apps allow straight people hook up and even hang out with others like them.

Here is a look at a few apps that work like Grindr.

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