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With respect to child custody disputes, courts may prevent parents with a known history of domestic violence from exercising significant parenting time or even engaging in unsupervised visitation with their children.

In this situation, there is a high probability that the restraining orders will be granted which can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s future employment, housing, parent-child relationship and certain constitutional rights so advice from an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney is imperative.

Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or someone falsely accused, the court’s determination regarding the truth of such claims and the need for restraining orders will play a major factor in the outcome of your case.

If you are involved in a future complaint with Child Protective Services (CPS) or a subsequent custody dispute, the issue of failing to protect a child from an environment involving domestic violence may be considered by the court.

Parents have an obligation to protect children from abuse and exposure to detrimental influences that include witnessing acts of family violence.

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