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My fashion career has been very connected to an innate curiosity and wanderlust, more than style, even,” she says, “I enjoy joining the dots between different worlds.” While she continues to model, her concurrent evolution into photography also proves arresting.Her portraits, often female-focused, depict subjects that feel at once familiar and obscure, in time and places that seem contemporary and immemorial.Outside of her volunteer work, she’s all about her family, exercising and hot yoga! #whereforartthou #mybeloved #jealousyisacursejarrah A post shared by KRISTIN FISHER EYEBROWS (@kristin.fisher.eyebrows) on 🤤🤤🤤 Our SUGAR-FREE drinking chocolate uses only natural ingredients and has fraction of the calories of other sugar filled beverages! In her free time, Laura, her husband Jeff, and their two young adult children feel called to serve the most vulnerable in their community to make it a little simpler for people to feed, clothe, shelter, and care for themselves.

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As a consultant, Laura has led large-scale and strategic people and change initiatives in diverse industries including healthcare, financial services, and not for profit, both in the US and globally.

When I came home, I fell in love with London again. So much happens here every day and I never get over it. I always take an out-of-town friend to the Tate Modern and the Royal Academy.

I often pop into the Serpentine just to buy postcards. The Musée Picasso in Paris is the place I’ll go if I’m working intensely and have the last day off.

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