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Commercially-deployed plagiarism detection is also commonly used in both K-12 and higher education settings.For writing, the focus is on innovations that support writing tasks requiring source use, argumentative discourse, and factual content accuracy.We expect that the workshop will continue to highlight novel technologies and opportunities for educational NLP in English as well as other languages.The workshop will solicit both full papers and short papers for either oral or poster presentation.This means systems have increasingly overfit to a very specific type of English and so do not generalise well to other domains.Our proposal hence introduces a new dataset that represents a much more diverse cross-section of English language domains. Rubric Reliability and Annotation of Content and Argument in Source-Based Argument Essays. We will be using the ACL Submission Guidelines for the BEA Workshop this year.

If you would like to present a demo in addition to presenting the paper, please make sure to select either “full paper demo” or “short paper demo” under “Submission Category” in the START submission page. The submissions will be reviewed by the program committee.GEC gained significant attention in the HOO and Co NLL shared tasks between 20 (Dale and Kilgarriff, 2011; Dale et al., 2012; Ng et al., 2013; Ng et al., 2014), but has since become much more difficult to evaluate given a lack of standardised experimental settings.In particular, recent systems have been trained, tuned and tested on different combinations of corpora using different metrics (Yannakoudakis et al., 2017; Chollampatt and Ng, 2018a; Ge et al., 2018; Junczys-Dowmunt et al., 2018).For speech, there is an interest in advancing automated scoring to include the evaluation of discourse and content features in responses to spoken assessments.General advances in speech technology have promoted a renewed interest in spoken dialog and multimodal systems for instruction and assessment, for instance, for workplace interviews and simulated teaching environments.

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