Ie tools for validating xml

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Remark that the demo files aren't small files (0.2 to 0.7 Mb), so downloading can take some time if you have a slow connection.

The demos demonstrate the possibilities with the older version of the ODM Checker (v.0.4) - we try to update the movies as soon as possible.

However, the ODM team is getting more and more convinced that validation against a standard should at least as possible be relying on software.

Instead, the description of the rules should at much as possible be in an open, human- as well as machine-readable language, i.e. XML-Schema is such a language, and as of version 1.2 of the ODM standard, it is the main "rules-enforcement" engine for validation of ODM files.

Listings include what the tool does, who developed it, when and for what purpose it was developed.

Description: The Archivists' Toolkit is an open source archival data management system to provide integrated support for accessioning, description, donor tracking, name and subject authority work, and location management for archival materials.

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Availability: The source code has not yet been made available generally. Documentation: Date last updated: July 25, 2007 Description: DAITSS is an OAIS compliant open source preservation repository system which supports ingest, dissemination, and preservation strategies based on format transformation.

As of this writing (July 2007) not all categories are represented here.

Tools listed were not necessarily developed specifically for PREMIS, but may be used for implementation of preservation metadata more generally, and their relationship to PREMIS is stated.

The CDISC ODM Checker is a tool developed by XML4Pharma to check whether an ODM file conforms to the CDISC standard. Other tools for working with the CDISC set of standards Version 0.7 corrects a few minor bugs found in version 0.6 Full list of the new features in v.0.6 A number of demos showing how the tool works can be found here as Macromedia Flash files.

If you haven't installed the Flash plugin yet, you can get it from here.

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