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I was also put off with the ending, which seemed too abrupt and open-ended for its own sake.

But then, the pluses, in this case, outweigh these

It was also refreshing that the story wasn't another naive girl from the provinces who sought her fortune in the city and ends up as a prostitute. With relatives greeting her with unwelcome arms, Joanna tries to make sense of her life and gets into the clutches of a smooth cybercafe owner (Gary Estrada) who introduces her to Web Diva. She eventually becomes their big money-maker while catching a tentative affair with Spike (Carlo Maceda) -- a misguided hacker who (cheekily enough) created the Love virus in the movie.

The first thing that I noticed about this movie is its moody and threatening depiction of Manila.

There was no stereotypical "Am-girl" trying to pass herself of as somebody better than her fellows.

However, as I proceeded to watch the movie, this askewed and grainy film-making style had become appropriate and fitting to the story.

The dull colors and rich shadows on unkempt and filthy scenery created a certain obliqueness and gloom, which only highlighted the prevalent physical and spiritual decay of the setting and its characters.

Maybe Aguiluz has read the likes of Camille Paglia and Susie Bright while noticing the explosion of female-owned porn sites in the internet.

In the not-so-old notion of using one's sexuality as a base of power, we actually see that the online g.r.o.'s can actually be the ones who have the upper hand.

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