International dating ventures norwell massachusetts

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When applied for services for dating, they coerced me to pay monthly fees and didn't explain the plan.

I've had only 3 dates with no feedback and correspondence in response to my questions regarding my dates.

After reading all of these statements, I now feel it is morally necessary for me to also chime in.

I feel if I can even save one person from going down this deceptive path, then writing this review is worth it and it is my obligation to help people by doing this.

I've even written the original matchmaker here in Texas. This company is a scam, they take people money through emotional sales actions in the interview you as a possible member is asked to come in for.

All fell on deaf ears until I talked legal action yesterday. Of the 4 'viable' matches I've been given, I've met 2. They don match you with people due to qualities etc like they say.

I found them when I did a google search for matchmakers in the state of CT.

They were the first result to pop up, and they boasted being voted #1 (I've since done some research and found nothing to back this up). I gave my phone number and within about 5 seconds, I had a phone call from a representative.

I had the unfortunate opportunity of working for e Love/The Right One as a marketing agent.

I asked them to place my on hold and I'm still being billed.

I haven't been able to discontinue from my checking acct. thank you I contracted nearly , 000.00 for 6 matches.

The particular franchise I was at was also responsible for the Colorado Springs, Denver and Salt Lake City location...

There really needs to be more information on the web about

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