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In these new territories the Russian Government started to pursue a policy of russification.In the 1880s the revolutionary organisation Gomon was established by Belarusian students in Saint Petersburg.This was the precursor to the first Belarusian national political party Gromada, formed in 1903. Mass displacement of the peasant classes (from 1906 – 1916) saw more than 33,000 move from Belarusian territory to Siberia.1915 - 1916 – Belarusian territory was the scene of bloody battles between German and Russian forces.Over the next few centuries they had settled over the entire region, replacing the earlier Baltic culture.In the 6th to 9th centuries East Slavs formed the first political associations – the unions of tribes.17 September 1939 – two weeks after the outbreak of World War Two, the Red Army moved into West Belarus.

It remained the dominating force in the region until the 13th century.

The history of Belarus dates back to the Stone Age.

This timeline of Belarus shows how Belarusian historical events have shaped the country today.

June-July 1941 – resistance in Brest against German invaders lasted 6 weeks.

The city was occupied until Soviet troops liberated it in 1944.

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