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Jeff Buttle choreographed all of the numbers for this year and he has put a lot of difficult steps and transitions in the numbers.

Since we have three ice dance teams (Davis and White, Belbin and Agosto and The Kerrs) it made a lot of sense to include dance steps and moves from the regular dance world too.

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Sometimes the only goal is to win a national title and then to leave the sport altogether.There's a lot of different energy in that building.Actually I've always skated really well there, it's like something helps me on the ice there and it really feels like home. But this year I was lucky enough to bring both of my daughters there with me to rehearsals.It's a lot of pressure to be together on the ice with these other dance teams but it's really a lot of fun and those are some of my favorite moments of the show. EG: We have a lot of skaters this year that have experience in skating in real production numbers.So it's not just an exhibition show, but there are group numbers that are professionally done.

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