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, a Command Field row field with an Edit button is automatically displayed in the Details View control.Clicking the Edit button puts that Details View control in edit mode.If you do not want the formatting as part of the value stored, you will need to remove the formatting programmatically.Hi, I need help with the Lin Q and Details View control. I use Lin Q for the query and data bind in code-behind to the Details View control. Item Updating event, I get nothing from the Text Box. With the later method, I can only access read-only fields and headers. When in edit mode, each bound field in the control that is not read-only displays the appropriate input control, such as a Text Box control, for the field's data type.This allows the user to modify the field's value.

The Details View control provides several events that you can use to perform a custom action when a record is updated.

Details View Update Event Args) Handles dv Item Detail.

Instead, you need to first retrieve a reference to the Text Box within the Cell, and then you can extract the Text property from there.

To develop Info Path forms you can either use the VSTO template for Info Path that also ships with Visual Studio 2008 or Info Path (with VSTA) itself.

Once you have designed the Info Path form it can be published as an XSN file.

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