Jaeson ma on dating

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(I should point out, though, that nothing says he was born in a hospital.) - Summer Ph D (talk) , 8 June 2010 (UTC) It is possible that Bruno's parents were living in Waikiki at the time of his birth.

The sale of this song allowed them to continue working, He reached prominence as a solo artist after being featured on, and composing, under The Smeezingtons, B.o.Kapiolani is close, but is still outside the Waikiki boundaries.Does anyone have a source that says where he was actually born? If you doubt the information, feel free to remove it, it is unsourced.This section states that Bruno sold 115 million records, which isn't plausibly supported in the anchored footnote.There appears to be at a minimum conflation of the term record (which usually means album) with any media sold (singles).

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