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I had worried that I might get depressed after she was born, but I felt so uplifted. I am grateful to these families for choosing me to be their surrogate and for treating me like an angel. I apologize, I can't really show the precious babies.

I felt pretty special to be a surrogate pregnant with twins.

Aaron Cross (Renner) is in Alaska on a training evaluation.

He is climbing rocks, fighting off wolves, taking blood samples from himself and taking a little blue pill (no, not one) and a little green pill; the first, as we will find out, improves his mental acuity; the second, his physical.

You see, what is happening is that the Jason Bourne affair has sent the upper echelons of the clandestine government operations – the Division, if you will – into a tizzy and in full panic mode, they enlist retired USAF Black Ops specialist Eric Byer (Norton) to close up shop on Treadstone, Blackbriar and all the related operations – particularly Outcome – and all those who knew what was going on.

(Inactive as far as the Mormon part, still spiritual, open and respectful) My surrobabies were born in 2006 (girl), 2009 (twin boys) and 2014 (girl). If you're lucky, you get a great set of intended parents who keep in touch. (none of my couples have lived close) I knew they were happy and grateful the day she was born, but I feel so special that they have chosen to keep in touch and that they still think of me. The first embryo transfer failed, but we tried again and it was well worth it. To feel two seperate babies moving inside of me, it was absolutely amazing. But soon I knew that one was more quiet and calm and the other was the life of the party. They have also kept in touch and I just feel honored.

At Sterissyn-Morlanta, which is the essential public face of Outcome, a scientist goes berserk (with a little help from his friends) and shoots everybody in his lab. Marta Shearing (Weisz), who is understandably upset.

She gets a lot more upset when a psychologist (Marvel) sent to evaluate her in her Maryland home as she packs for a trip to visit her sister in Canada turns out to be there to terminate her.

LARX-3 has the same or superior mental and physical skills as Cross and a real dogged determination to see his mission through.

Can Shearer and Cross figure out a way to escape from the implacable LARX-3 – not to mention a government with unlimited resources that wants them both dead?

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