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So, that in of itself was a whole new layer to the horror. She’s very up tight which is great for me to play, coming from ‘Girlfriends’ and playing a very open minded and sassy, if you will. So playing this character, she’s very rigid, but she was the one out of all the play cousins and friends that was actually there for the right reasons, to learn something from the elders which is what we call our uncles and the elder generation that are supposed to be teaching us about our past lineage.It was actually a learning lesson and also making us, in this present day, just a little more appreciative so that we stop and just look at what our past ancestors have sort of endured for our freedom. I think that my character actually wanted the family to come together and be there as a family and learn from them. She was there to actually learn something, but then of course she gets taken into the whole web and completely turns at the end of the movie. Darrin Dewitt Henson, this is our second film that we did together.’ But this is a movie of course with all African Americans and clearly we make it, most of us make it to the end of the movie which was fun. GB: Well, when I read it, because I too come from the theater and I have such a high regard for the kind of work that I do and I didn’t want this to be just another slasher film.We’ve seen so many of them and the way that they objectify woman and all of that.And so it was fun working with Darrin again and then I met some really great actors that I had never worked with before like D. Woodside, Rochelle Aytes, of course the legendary Keith David who was just so divine to work with.Director Robert O’Hara is making his film debut here. GB: You know what I loved about Robert is that a lot of directors, there aren’t a lot of theater directors that then come and direct film. Maybe there are a lot and I just haven’t worked with many, but because he comes from the theater he just had a different approach to working with actors.I loved doing this film, but you do these films because you love it. You don’t do it because you know this is going to sustain your lifestyle. So I think that’s why TV is becoming a bit more alluring to the African American actress. GB: Well, I just had a baby of course and so I took some time off to focus on that, kind of a huge change in my life.

While the San Francisco native has appeared in films such as ‘Beauty Shop’ with Queen Latifah and ‘Something New’ with Sanaa Lathan, she’s been recently cast in lead roles such as ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find,’ and her latest film.But when I read this one it had so many other sub-layers to it other than the horror, being that it kind dabbles in to the African lineage and our history and what that means for our present generation and the past generations that have paved the way for us, which is actually where the horror comes in.This African slave named Chakabazz comes back from the past to haunt the future generations because they have not appreciated what past generations have done for them.I really enjoyed that kind of proactive approach to directing. Sometimes you get into a situation and it’s the director’s vision and that’s it, but I really appreciated his sort of incorporation and teamwork in creating the vision. I was talking to my agents and managers about that recently.It’s been years since ‘Girlfriends’ has been off air, but that a lot of the actresses from that show are going back into TV for work since there’s not a lot of film roles. There are a lot of actresses, a lot of my peers going into TV.

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