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Plus, if someone opts not to message you back because they don’t like your style of hamming it up, that’s fine—you probably wouldn’t get along with them anyway.

No one wants to read a 1,200-word essay on your childhood.

Plus, swiping left too many times may cause us to devote more energy to vetting candidates who may be out of our league, connect with people who don’t actually match up with our personal preferences, or issue “no’s” to potentially good matches simply because we assume something better is just a click away.

End result: We spend more time browsing than actually dating.

Nor should you see a dating profile as a platform to outline your political agenda, pet peeves with humanity, or all the insights you've gained from therapy.

Choose photos and details that best represent you, Salkin says.

This is where Nike’s slogan comes in, Salkin says: If you come across a profile full of similar interests to yours, and you’d like to meet in person, just do it.

Movies (in a theater and not at someone’s apartment), comedy shows, or any of these 29 unique first-date ideas would also work.



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