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Lincoln chases Lori out of the bathroom with one of Lily's dirty diapers so he can meet with his "pressing engagement".In "Get the Message", she furiously berates Lincoln for entering her room by mistake, and angrily warns him to stay out of her room, or she will turn him into a human pretzel, if she sees him in there again.In "Predict Ability", they kindly express not believing that Lincoln is boring.

In "Changing the Baby", Lincoln and his sisters fought over Lily over their hobbies, but only Lily revealed that her interest is blanket and Clyde started to hanging out with Lily at the end.In "Heavy Meddle", it was revealed that his sisters have a tendency to meddle in his affairs when he doesn't want them to, and believes they'll make everything worse.An example was when they all took care of him when they thought he was sick, but all he had was a paper cut.They even know how important some matters mean to him, as featured in "Pulp Friction", where they all work together to get him and Clyde out of detention so they can get to the post office and mail in their comic book entry on time, as well as get it back after it's been confiscated.Lincoln based the characters who save Ace and Jack from Wild Card Willy's clutches on his sisters, showing that they always have his back. In "Room with a Feud", despite the exchange of rooms, when Lincoln decides to take one for the team, they kindly decide to avoid the situation, returning everything to normal, being thanked by their brother.

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