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He brings his right hand up her stomach and grabs her left breast in it, squeezing it, feeling the firmness through the light fabric."Mmmmhhh," she cries as his left hand goes down her stomach and under her jeans.It was a decent size room painted dull pink, with a big bed in the middle, a tv at the corner, a chair at one end and a dressing table on the other end.

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Her fantasy, her dreams, her expectations, all the buildup upto this moment is behind this wooden door.

She loses control of her body at the tingling sensations forming from her pussy and moving all over her body, allowing him to manipulate her body at his will. He withdraws his hand and pulls her top up over her breasts and pulls her red bra cups down revealing her ample bosom and erect nipples.

He starts kneading her tits, massaging them and pinching her nipples, pulling them, twisting them as his left hand goes inside her jeans again and works its magic on her pussy with his fingers and thumb alternating his rubbing with slow and fast speed.

Her body lightly touches his and a shiver runs through her body and she caresses her bare arms with her shivering hands.

"I wasn't sure you would come." "Me neither," she replies looking around the room.

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