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Maddox first started his website as a personal homepage, and posted a list of things that, in his opinion, should be banned.

This list was intended to spite friends who were also starting their own homepages.

These messages are usually from critics who use a terse tone, and they are answered by Maddox calmly refuting their statements.

Subjects addressed on his show are similar to the issues he addresses on his page, which include children's drawings, the state of user-submitted content to You Tube, and how unimpressed he is with New York City.

At that time, Maddox was only getting about 5 views a month, but he continued to post his opinions.

Maddox had his page hosted on the Xmission server, where his site was called "The Best Page in the Universe", in spite of the fact that, at that time, Yahoo search results omitted pages that claimed to be "the best" anything.

Launched in 1997 without any high expectations, the website became known by word of mouth.

Maddox himself wrote an article in 2002 illustrating that despite all traffic being generated by word-of-mouth alone, his site was still ranked ahead of major corporations such as Mc Donald's and Pepsi, who spend millions of dollars on advertising every year.

The site contains several "hidden pages", many of which are unfinished works or first drafts of articles that were moved around.In May 2015, Maddox announced his intention of publishing a new book. The Best Page in the Universe is a personal satirical humor website created by George Ouzounian, better known as Maddox, of Salt Lake City, Utah.Maddox says that Che Guevara is remembered as "Che the revolutionary," not "Che the pinko", Images include elderly people being fired into the Sun, hippies being killed, and Maddox's testicles drawn larger than basketballs.Maddox maintains a section in which he criticizes hate mail his website has generated.

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