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which she has accumulated from her hard works as a Stockbroking.

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(Perhaps not coincidentally, a prior episode of “Seinfeld” dealt with Jerry’s obsession with “Melrose Place.”) Always keeping busy, Marcia roamed TV land in guest-starring roles for the next several years, until finally landing a steady gig as yet another M.D., this time on the drama “Everwood.” The next year, Marcia was finally able to take a break from the practice of medicine and move to Wisteria Lane.Marcia was now legitimately famous – and, naturally, a subject for gossip.Not only has she twice been a nighttime soap icon, she has appeared in 49 movies and TV shows, including a few odd daytime soaps, over the space of 23 years and has been involved in who knows how many tawdry TV affairs. Tom Mahoney Wiki (Marcia Cross’ Husband) wiki, Bio, Family, Height, Kids, Children & More.

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