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In that case, the system can entirely avoid writing the data.Otherwise, the data will be written after the handle is closed.The file system supports the ability to not ignore the case of file names [but might ignore case the way you are using it].That is, the file system has the ability to force you to get the letter case of a file's name exactly right to be able to open it.Locking this for exclusive access [by specifying ] doesn't prevent access to the partitions on the disk nor their file systems.So other processes can still access any raw sectors within a partition and can use the file system on the disk as usual.The most common such DOS devices include: to perform miscellaneous queries and operations to the hard disk.Writing raw sectors and certain other operations can seriously damage your files or the function of your computer.

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is an integer value as from the operating system byte of a hard disk's DOS-compatible partition table [that is, a partition table for x86-based Win32, not, for example, one used with Windows NT for Alpha processors].

The return value should be one of: The file or directory is compressed.

For a file, this means that all of the data in the file is compressed.

This bit should not be set by programs that don't know how to handle such faults.

If set, then when an attempt to continue reading from or writing to an already open file [usually on a removable medium like a floppy diskette] finds the file no longer available, the call will immediately fail.

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