Munin graphs not updating

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irq.label irq STACK 0 DERIVE CPU time spent handling interrupts softirq.label softirq STACK 0 DERIVE CPU time spent handling "batched" interrupts steal.label steal STACK 0 DERIVE The time that a virtual CPU had runnable tasks, but the virtual CPU itself was not running guest.label guest STACK 0 DERIVE The time spent running a virtual CPU for guest operating systems under the control of the Linux kernel.Argh, my beloved linux IPv6 firewall was suffering, too many connections, munin graphs not updating; this needed looking at...

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NOTE: COUNTER and DERIVE values have to be integers, but the averages calculated based on them are floating point. You have to do it manually with : Many reasons for this, but if you are able to snmpwalk or snmpget from your SNMP enabled device, but it seems slow, the reson might be a timeout during session connection.The last message in is: "Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch". This problem occurs when you try to run munin-node as the munin user. (Note that the munin master should run as munin, but munin-node as root).This is a bug in recent versions of the Perl module Net:: Server, see A guide to server configuration is in the wiki page It needs Munin runs at an interval of every five minutes (*/5) on debian systems by default.Is it possible to change this interval to an arbitrary value? However, this won't change Munin's (or rather RRD's) granularity; all RRD files are constructed to create 5 minutes averages, and no matter how often you update the RRD files the output won't be (much) different.

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