Mystery method of dating

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Like for example having her to show interest in you and you being interested in her for something more than pure look. Indeed if you are an obviously cool guy, there is no point in telling women you’ll leave soon if they are happy that you’re there.

And it’s even more damaging to neg someone if they think you’re a high value man: that would create too big of a gap between you two.

Here are some routines to create a emotional connection: Here you want to be in a sex location. Before you begin with the heavier sexual stuff, make sure you have build enough comfort or you will have face either lots of LMR (last minute resistances) or full out rejection.

Some popular ways of dealing with last minute resistance from Mystery or the guys back were the “freeze out”, which basically means: ignoring her and pretending you don’t care anymore about her.

Mystery Method, again, focuses on a lot of routines to use such The Cube, Esp Routine and, as invented my Neil Strauss author of The Game, the “evolution phase shift routine” -which always sounded rather corny to me-.

In this step, you must create a emotional connection with the target at first.

The idea is to have her come once you stop pursuing her.

My main gripe with the Mystery Method’s system is that it doesn’t simplify seduction: it makes it more complicated and less clear.The mystery method is divided into three phases with three phases within each. Here you want her to show interesting for you -check here what are the signs of interest-.Once she shows interest in you, you want to qualify her and show that you also appreciate her for something beyond her looks.Often it’s best to be the silent guy who only focuses on the girl he likes.Some other social dynamics principles are very good instead. However, not to be used at all times as your baseline behavior.

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