Nate berkus dating

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When I look back on this day in 2014, we had all of our dreams of having a family. After dating for one year, the couple got engaged in April 2013.They then did a wedding the following year in May and it was held in Manhattan.His wealth is expected to keep going up considering his career is picking up well for him. Nate Berkus is currently happily married to his husband, Jeremiah Brent who is also a successful interior designer.Before Nate got hitched with Jeremiah, he was in a happy relationship with his boyfriend Fernando Bengoechea, who was a photographer.His new mission is to help 41-year-old Robin get her dating life back on track.From ages 16 to 26, Robin says she never went a day without a boyfriend. He is a self-taught designer, unlike those who pursue it as a course at the university. After school, he joined TV production, and currently, he is a TV personality.

Nate attended Lake Forest College and graduated in 199 with a Degree in French and Sociology.

PICTURES: Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent The photos show the men holding hands and at one point Jeremiah, who is an emerging decorator, gives Nate a gentle kiss on the neck.

According to Curbed, this weekend the two guys were caught "canoodling" in the elevator of Barneys in NYC, where they exited on the men's floor.

If you love interior design, then you must have come across this talented middle-aged man.

He is called Nate Berkus and through his talent and hard work has managed to become one of the best in what he does. Stay tuned and get to learn more in regards to Nate Berkus’ Net Worth, Husband, and Kids., 1971.

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