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Rachel is a frequent relationship guest on The Today Show, The Early Show, CNN, National Public Radio, The Dennis Prager Show, and has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Fortune Magazine, The New Yorker, People, USA Today, and many others.

So, you have a new boyfriend, which is always exciting.

So I interviewed over 1,000 single men and women to ask why they had initial interest in your online profile but then suddenly vanished, or why first dates didn’t lead to second dates.I want you to use this information as power, enabling you to have better success when the right person comes along next time.While earning my MBA degree at Harvard Business School, I learned that “exit interviews” were a smart business tactic.NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – Forget dating apps or dating sites, a New York City realtor is putting herself out there by taking out ads to try to find a man.Ann Cutbill Lenane is a familiar face inside New York City cabs.

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